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This is and this is where you’ll get to know Mr. Eugene Armstead, Jr.  As of this writing, Mr. Armstead is a perpetual 25 years of age, don’t ask how he did it, just accept it as a fact.  He is currently unmarried and claims parental status to seven children with a wide and varied age range.

Armstead has some expertise in the field of Audio/Visual Technology and Information Technology.  He likes to think of himself as a Jack of many trades, yet he is quite aware that he is a master of very few.  A self taught forum and wiki lurker, Armstead prides himself in the idea of being able to find out anything he may have interest in via various, freely available research sources.

During the course of his life, Armstead has had many experiences that have honed his respect and humility to a higher power.  Although far from a perfect individual or stereotypical Christian, Armstead has a firm belief that his current survival, future success, and potential legacy are all based on his adherence to his belief that his soul salvation is dependent on the Almighty’s mercy through the blood of His son the Christ Jesus.

Welcome to the online chronicles of Mr. Eugene Armstead, Jr.

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